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Virtual Party Instructions:

  • Once we receive your inquiry form, we will email you an invoice. Pay the invoice within the hour so that we can schedule your character, date, and time or it cancels out. Payment is Non-Refundable.
  • When your invoice is paid and the Terms and Conditions are signed, we will send you a confirmation email with a Zoom Link Url, Password, and Meeting ID for a virtual party or a confirmation email for your in person party. 
  • Party Zoom Link Details can be shared with your virtual party guests so they can join the party.
  • On your scheduled, date and time, join your virtual party with the Zoom Link Url, Password and Meeting ID. You can join early, you and your guests will be held in a waiting room until it’s time to begin.
  • At your scheduled time your performer will let everyone into your Virtual Party and the Party Begins.
  • How does the party work? It begins with the virtual party character, greeting everyone while they enter the room. Then, Storytime, Questions and Answers with the Kids, Happy Birthday Song (if it’s a Birthday), and if there is time some movement will be provided during your party. Parties last 30 minutes.
  • How many guests can you invite? We recommend up to 25 guests.
  • Virtual Party Details for Amazing Fairytale Parties a Virtual Birthday Party Company providing Virtual Party Characters.
  • Your party performer will have the ability to mute and unmute your guests for the best experience during story time.
  • Want to provide us with your own Zoom Link? Provide us with your own Zoom Party Link Url and Password if you want to have a party that is scheduled to start or end before your character arrives or leaves. Provide us with the link, when we send you your confirmation of your payment. We need the link immediately to provide it to the performer for scheduling without errors.
  • Be aware that if you provide us with your own Zoom Link, you must make the performer the Host during the party for the best party experience for your guests. Hosting controls are necessary for the performer if you want to have a great party.
  • There will NOT be a confirmation call before your virtual party or an opportunity to speak to the performer in advance of your party. Please trust that our performers are professionals, and performing parties with children is their normal routine.
  • Can you add an additional character? Yes, you can! Pricing for additional virtual party characters available Here.
  • Enjoy Your Party! Thank you for choosing our virtual birthday party company. 
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